About PTC

PTC was established in 1997 as a stepping-stone between the least restrictive environment (public
school) and the most restrictive environment, i.e. residential treatment.  PTC was designed to
facilitate the return to the community environment.
PTC is a day school and treatment center for
children, youth and adults and operates a flexible
schedule to meet the needs of its clients and their
families.  Many parents have been able to return to
work due to our schedule and our level of success
with their child.  Providence's hallmark is an
individually tailored school with a low staff to
student ratio, highly structured environment with
intense behavior treatment and an integrated
educational, sociological and medical model.  
Objectives and goals vary by student but students
receive both academic and life skills training with
an emphasis on their return to a community based
program, i.e. school or work.  Thus far, PTC has
had a great deal of success with reintegration back
into the community.
PTC Front Entry
Providence is located in Missouri City, Texas, a
suburb southwest of Houston.  The facility is on
over one acre of land with mature trees providing a
park like setting.  There are two fenced play areas
for use in our outdoor activities which range from
playground equipment to organized play, i.e.
volleyball, basketball, etc.
Play area #1
PTC has four classrooms, each equipped with
their own computers and software, along with
various educational materials ranging from books
and puzzles to task work.  The task work
resembles real life situations and scenarios as
much as possible.  Additionally, each classroom
has a private bathroom for ease in toilet training.  
There is also a recreation room that is used for
our morning circle time where the students sing
songs and discuss the days activities.  The rec
room also contains games, puzzles and books for
student leisure time.
Rec Room

One important component to our program is community-based instruction (CBI), which promotes
the generalization of skills into the community.  CBI gives the students an opportunity to generalize
life and social skills while experiencing Houston area sights that many handicapped individuals often
don't experience.  The students go to grocery stores and to local restaurants.  During our extended
year program, we plan CBI's to the movies, Miller Outdoor Theater, the dollar store and the park.  
Not only do these excursions make school more fun for the students, they also stimulate
generalization of skills, incidental learning and communication.

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Providence Treatment Center
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Anita M. Venditti, Owner/Director
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