Educational Services

PTC is a TEA approved non-public school.  Certified and highly trained and qualified staff provide
small group and one on one instruction to a wide variety instructional levels and needs.  
Experience ranges from 3 to 30 years in the field.  All staff are trained in PMAB and TBSI.

Medical Services

PTC contracts with a consulting psychiatrist.  Staffings are scheduled on an as needed basis and
at the request of other individuals on the treatment team (IEP/ARD committee).  Everyone is
welcome to attend, if approved by the legal guardian of the client.  There is no obligation to
consent to treatment and the appointment is voluntary.  This service is
FREE of charge to
families and the child placing agency.*

* The consulting psychiatrist reserves the right to charge a small fee to the Medicaid or insurance carrier.

Wraparound Services

Our services are individualized and can include:
  • Extended day/Extended year services

  • Holiday care

  • Free Psychiatric consultations

  • In-Home Training

  • Informal parent training

  • Counseling - individual and family (as needed)

  • Case management

  • Reintegration support

  • Staff training

  • Variety in funding - ISD, private, MRLA, Spaulding, Non-ed monies
Providence Treatment Center
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Anita M. Venditti, Owner/Director
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